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Each year many thousands of deaths, injuries and an immeasurable amount of property damage occur as a result of fires. Containing a fire at it's source using passive fire protection can significantly reduce the rate in which a fire spreads throughout a building. High quality products installed properly can perform as intended and gain that vital additional time which could mean the difference between relatively minor damage and total loss.

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Abesco Products

Abesco CT120 Cable Transits (Fireclamp) are a one-piece hinged metal firestop device designed for quick installation into fire-rated floors and walls.The square or round devices form a steel sleeve, which contains the heat reactive graphite based intumescent material with foam smoke seals and optional mounting brackets.

The transits can be easily opened to provide an easy retro-fit option or new construction where a permanent firestop application is needed.

Abesco offers up to 4 hour UL classified systems.